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Current SAGES Project Members

SAGESBen W. Ebenhack - SAGES Director

M.S. and B.S. 1984, University of Wyoming

Ben is the founder and Chairman of the Board of AHEAD Energy Corporation, and the Principal Investigator of the AHEAD Energy Project (a research project at the University of Rochester). Ben's research focuses on energy transitions, especially in developing countries. Ben is an expert in oil and gas well log analysis, having evaluated domestic and international drilling projects for Unocal Corporation during his 12-year tenure with this company. He has taught at the University of Wyoming and Cal Poly - Pomona. He served on the Editorial Board for the UN's Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems: A Guide to Sustainable Developmental, authored a textbook on energy, and participates often in energy conferences, talks, debates, and radio talk shows.

SAGESDaniel M. Martínez - Senior Projects Manager

Ph.D. 2007, University of Rochester

Dr. Martínez earned his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering studying nucleation science through the University of Rochester and NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center. Since officially joining AHEAD Energy, he has been researching energy's role in development and is attempting to use principles from nucleation theory to understand current consumption patterns from a more fundamental viewpoint. This work will likely also inform which types of energy-related activities a nation should pursue to most effectively meet energy needs while improving quality of life. Through the AHEAD-SAGES partnership, he is managing various student driven energy research projects at the University of Rochester. He is also co-authoring a book on global energy transitions planning with Ben Ebenhack.

SAGESSteve Kraft - Graduate Student

SAGESSarah Coulter - GIS Consultant

Mary Ellen Chieco - Graduate Student

Kean Duffey - Undergraduate Student

Alex Elliot - Undergraduate Student

Josh Kelley - Undergraduate Student
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