Welcome! Our research groups broadly applies reversible, non-covalent interactions to influence polymer and nanoparticle phase behavior and to promote self-assembly, collidal stability, and stimuli-responsiveness. Our research emphasizes materials science, yet it is highly interdisciplinary and draws from the fields of chemical engineering, chemistry, and physics. Current projects focuses on semicrystalline and glass forming shape-memory polymers, glassy liquid crystals for optical applications, and the self-assembly of colloidal nanoparticles to form mesomorphic ceramics.



December 2021 - Jason Yang's PhD final defense.

March 2021 - The group presented virtual talks at the annual APS meeting on sintering of metal oxide nanoparticles, two-photon direct laser writing, and crystallization-induced stress decay.

August 2020 - Welcome new PhD students Benjamin Carlson and Mattias Hartveit who will be developing optical properties of glassy liquid crystals.

January 2020 - Welcome new group member Madelyn Jeske, a LLE Horton Fellow, who will be developing resins for 2-photon polymerization of responsive materials.

October 2018 - Our group had the top downloaded paper on annual bases from J. Polym. Sci. Part B: Polym Phys.

June 2018 - Anthamatten group and Chen group win two University Research Award that provide seed funding for development of self-assembly methods for high power laser materials.



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