Welcome! Our research groups applies reversible, non-covalent interactions to influence polymer phase behavior and to promote polymer self-assembly and responsiveness. Molecular engineering of hydrogen bond, ionic, and van der Waals interactions has enabled a new class of dynamic polymers whose structure and properties are ultimately determined by an equilibrium with their environment (temperature, pH, composition). This concept will be important in developing advanced materials to fill emerging applications, including shape-memory polymers, fuel cell and flow battery membranes, ordered semiconductors for photovoltaic devices, and biomedical devices. Our research is highly interdisciplinary and involves chemical engineering, chemistry, physics, and material science. Explore our webiste to discover more.



March 2018 - Onur Ozcalik will attend ACS meeting in New Orleans to talk about his ion-containing triblocks. Mitch will travel to San Sebastian, Spain for a workshop by European science organizations: DIPC, JCNS, and SoftComp.


January 2018 - Welcome new undergraduates: Mark Volkin, Daniel Krajovic, and a new MS student, Juan Amundaray.

November 2017- Hojun Lee's paper on shape-memory elastomer architecture is published in Macromol. Materials & Eng.

November 2017 - Mitch attends AIChE in Minneapolis and talks about shape-memory contact printing.

October 2017 - Marina Morrow summarizes her research on a shape-memory engine at ChE's Eisenberg symposium

August 2017- Welcome Babak Sabetpour and Jinyu Bu as new group members!

August 2017- Dawei Chen and Prof. Anthamatten present work at the National ACS meeting in Washington DC.

July 2017- Wegmans Hall opened; Prof. Anthamatten's office is now Wegmans 4311.



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